Planning for the Future

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Spending Quality Time Together

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The Backup Plan

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Going on a Surprise Date

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A Day with Nothing to Do

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First dates are usually remembered for their awkwardness. If the weather suddenly turns bad or an event is canceled, the memories of how bad it was turn legendary. What many people forget are the dates that began badly, but a good attitude turned the date around. This does not often happen because people are generally nervous on first dates. They barely know the other person. When disaster strikes, neither person might know how they should handle it.

There are few people that can cope with any and every circumstance life throws at them. Those with a good sense of humor seem to have the best coping skills. If nothing else, they can always make a joke out of the worst scenarios and lighten the mood. Being able to share with a new person how funny the incidents of a bad date will be in the future is a gift beyond compare.